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About Us

Welcome to Leadership Seneca County! 
Founded in 1996 Leadership Seneca County (LSC) has helped hundreds of individuals expand their knowledge of Seneca County while refining their leadership skills. In 2011 the program re-calibrated its direction, increasing the programs focus on personal and professional development while placing development activities in the context of what’s happening in Seneca County.

Any person having an interest in the objectives of Leadership Seneca County and who is a resident of or employed in Seneca County is eligible to apply to the program.  Enrollment in the class is limited to 24 participants who are chosen by a selection committee from all applications received.
Check out our 2018-2019 brochure.

Professional Development Customized for You.
Members of the LSC class begin their experience in September with a series of personality and leadership skill assessments identifying key areas they would like to strengthen including building self confidence, establishing trust, relationship management, identifying future outcomes and taking initiative. Learn more about the LSC Experience.

Plan for Success.
Participants also construct a personal leadership development plan making connections between their core values and personal and professional interests to assist in developing goals they would like to achieve during the nine month program.

Networking & Educational Opportunities.
The LSC program is designed to help develop community awareness, networking and leadership skills.  Focusing on current issues and concerns facing our communities, you'll participate in hands-on experiences that familiarize you with key issues throughout the greater Tiffin and Fostoria area.
Define Your Mission.
In addition to classes in leadership and community awareness, each participant crafts a personal mission statement.  Through this effort participants learn to identify their values and live them out in the workplace and community.  Other discussions and activities strengthen problem solving skills giving participants a greater awareness of community needs while challenging them to develop a better future for Seneca County.